Where Worlds Meet

Welcome to the Pangaea blog

We’re the team of Pangaea from the KU Leuven, here to provide a home away from home for all students

Our bartenders, volunteers, members and future-members contribute and aim to stay connected!

Disclaimer: We propose some nice activities online but we also encourage you to take pauses from the digital world. A bad posture while you are in front of a computer or the exposure to online content for a prolonged time can cause stress and tension.

Staff and Students United

We know it is not easy to focus and structure your day. For that reason Students Services KU Leuven has collected tips to support you during the exams period. In the page “KU Leuven stands (1,5 meter) behind you” you find all you need to go through this period in the best way possible. You can chat with them anonymously, every working day between 15.00 and 17.00.

Study Room

The KUL is not only 1.5m behind you, but Pangaea is also still (virtually) open for you to study at! If, like most of us bartenders, you’re having trouble setting down a schedule and actually sitting down to study for the upcoming exams, join one of our study groups/rooms on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and/or Saturday and get that studying done! Check more info on how to get there here

Destress and Relax

Mens sana, corpore sano.
Your body and mind are connected and both need attention during stressful periods. Doing Yoga and other sports activities as well as meditation can have a positive impact on your well-being. You can find a variety of meditation techniques from different cultures in this website of Lifestance Network. University Parish and MindMates. Find their collected material and information to connect with yourself and to take care of your mental health.

Coffee Breaks

It is important to take breaks with friends during your study period. Every Monday and Thursday at 12h (noon), we invite you to get your mug, get some coffee or tea, and come join Silke for a drink and a chat! She’ll be “tending the bar” as your regular, and making for a nice get-away from your daily routine. Click here to find the link to the hangout!

The Language Chain

Our language chain is online for students who want to practice a language or teach their mother tongue to others. Follow the link to register, so you can get emails on when and where to keep speaking that foreign language!


Play online games with us at 18h (6pm) on Tuesdays on our Discord platform. You can requests different board games, and Lucas will set the them up for you. Find out more by clicking here!

Chess Tournaments

Join our chess tournament every Tuesday at 16:00 (4pm) and take a well-deserved break from studying and everyday life to exercise those planning muscles and grey cells! Sign up for it here

Padlet Get-Togethers

We also have a Padlet-account! On it we have created collaborative panels to share possible sports activities, cultural peculiarities, travel experiences, and a place to share what you’re missing most in this time. Come and share!

Pangaea on Facebook and Discord

All our activities take place outside Facebook. But if you have a Facebook account you can follow updates in our Pangaea community – KU Leuven group or follow our Facebook page.

Pangaea also has a channel on Discord where you can find other students to play games or set up an activity together. There you can also contact Lucas for extra information.