Keeping Mentally (In)Sane Right Now

Let’s get right down to business and talk about some things that will help keep your head in the right place and stop spiralling into the questions, the oh so many questions…

Alright! So we’re still not feeling this whole lock-down situation all that well, are we? It’s still kind of boring, lonely, annoying, and oh goodness, when will it finally end

What shall we do about this dreadful situation?

make a to-do list: Yes, it sounds tedious and with all this time, why make a list for all the things you already know you need to do?
Well, Timothy, if you have what seems like an endless amount of time, it’s just way too easy and inviting to keep putting things off. The trick to being efficient, in- and outside of lock-down, is to just get things done instead of putting them off. Commit to scratching one or two items off per day. Reward yourself with a nap. In the sun. By the open window.

go for a walk: Contrary to popular belief, yes I know it’s surprising to me every day again, we are still allowed to go outside! And I know this sounds like your mother or father yelling through the phone but, get your butt out the door every now and again! Besides it just being such beautiful weather, you also need to produce some Vitamin D in the sunlight to help you feel less meh. Just stay away from Arenberg, and any crowded area. It’s full of people. People are bad and icky right now.

Go up and down the stairs of your building a couple of times every day. Move the blood in your body. It helps get some fresh blood to your head and move fluids of the immune system. It’s effective in helping you stop thinking about one thing (how much this blows) and move on to the other thing (“where’s the food”)

write down your feelings: it helps to see them written out to work through them. And boy, are there a lot of feelings in my head and heart right now. Yours, too? Write them down. In a journal, a letter, an article, in a blogpost to publish on here. Get it out. Don’t crop it up and expect it to just disappear where they came from, they’re not semen in a testicle. Think of them as eggs in a uterus – they gotta come out one way or another, and seriously, who wants to have them tear their way out painfully after 9 months? Give it a (mourning-)period of a few days and be done with the egg called emotion.

talk. To anyone. About anything. Just talk. Yes, for some of us, this is the wildest introvert dream we could have hoped for. For others, this is the worst extrovert nightmare possible. Both is okay. “Social distancing” is supposed to be a physical thing, not an emotional or cognitive thing.

do some self-improvement: start crafting, learn a new language with Duolingo, start meditating, start doing yoga, pick 3 muscle-strengthening exercises a day and do them. Pick up a book, make a time-consuming recipe. Activate your brain right now!

spend time on yourself. Self-care is very important in these times, too. Next post will be all about that!

Get help if necessary. Contact the KUL health desk if you feel like this is too much to handle. Don’t suffer when you can just as easily not suffer with the simple click of a few buttons. These are tough times, and there’s help around. Use it, because you need to come out of this well, not barely ok.

Don’t get stuck on this list either, branch out. Set aside at least half an hour a day for yourself and your mental health, and figure out what works for you. Just try to live for yourself right now, not for others’ expectations.
Except for, y’know… staying inside and not going out unnecessarily. Please. We’re all just so tired of having to explain why by now…

What’s on your list? Let us know in the comments below!

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We're the staff of Pangaea, the Intercultural Meeting Centre of the KU Leuven in Leuven, Belgium! Welcome to our blog where we aim to inform you of all we are doing, have planned, and keep you connected with what has happened lately!

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