The First Half of 2020 For A Hong Konger – Part 4

This week’s blogpost is a guest-post by the HKSA (Hong Kong Student Association in Leuven) about how they feel regarding the world-wide pandemic. It’s the last of 4 posts, written by one of their members.


There is no lockdown in HK, so in a sense no one there is troubled by the lockdown. Only HKers in other countries are locked down in town. But recently, HKers worldwide, both in and out of HK, are facing something much worse, namely, a crackdown. By whom? The CCP, that attempts to impose the national security laws to HK.

The Sino-British Joint Declaration On The Question
Of Hong Kong

I will leave it to the interested readers to check why this move of CCP is violating the Sino-British Joint Declaration. I’d rather explain why the national security law is a great harm to our beloved city, and why this is depressing to HKers.

The most immediate effect of this law is that it will get rid of all the freedom we have been enjoying and treasuring. Even now, the HK Police is always looking for some creative excuses to suppress a protest, arrest the journalists and protesters, etc. The national security law will save the Police from this creativity challenge and grant them a handy tool against oppositions of all sorts from all parties, even innocent foreigners (think about Michael Korvig, if the human right issues in China do not convince you). Also, the judgment of the court will not be independent from the arbitration of CCP and the rule of law we are proud of will not remain. There is no better way to destroy HK than to destroy these two pillars of our beautiful city, i.e. liberty and rule of law.

Will we survive? We hope we will, and we believe we will.
Joshua Wong, the teenager who’s the public face of protests in Hong Kong

During the lasting protests against the HK government and the ultimate dictatorship above, many of us have learnt a lot about local and global politics, from which we see the importance of Hong Kong to China with fresh insights. CCP has long been lying to HKers: without China, Hong Kong cannot thrive. Now we know the opposite is true. Financially, a properly functioning Hong Kong with liberty and rule of law is indispensable to China. For a more official analysis, see here. With this refreshed perception, HK protesters have come up with a new idea and a new term correspondingly: Phoenixism. If our city burns, CCP burns together. As corrupted as it is, CCP will perish, but HK will be reborn like a phoenix because of the talents, courage, resilience, and the love of her people. CCP has ignited us by imposing the national security law. In response, HKers will resist to the end, and look forward to writing new chapters of our own history, starting from the last page of the CCP’s.

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We will continue posting guest writer stories from student organisations in Leuven. Stay safe and healthy, keep educating yourself and be kind to others.

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