Happy Summer Holidays!

The day before the national Belgian Holiday (hopefully) marks the day you’ve digested your exam results (and eventual hangovers), re-registered for the retakes or next year, and have finally been able to take a week off and just enjoy!

We at Pangaea have also finally made it to the point that we can throw in a bit of relaxation and fun before giving it our all again for the next academic year – we’ve got new students coming to the KUL who, just like you at some point not too long ago, could use a bit of a helping hand to show them around campus, the technical stuff of studying at the KUL, and Leuven and Belgian culture itself. If you want to help out during the orientation days, check the KUL website for further info! We’d be honoured to have you join our team of volunteers 🙂

We hope you’re at least somewhat satisfied with how this semester ended – don’t forget the hard work you and everyone at KUL put in so you could get this far. And if the pandemic brought on some extra retakes, don’t be so hard on yourself. This stress was like none before, and you kept your head up, so there’s no blame or shame to give, only pats on the back and pride for making it through these past few months.

Keep an eye out for our activities next semester! Until then, we at Pangaea wish you a great, safe and healthy summer!!

Published by thepangaeablog

We're the staff of Pangaea, the Intercultural Meeting Centre of the KU Leuven in Leuven, Belgium! Welcome to our blog where we aim to inform you of all we are doing, have planned, and keep you connected with what has happened lately!

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