To ‘block’ or not to ‘block’ – There is no question here

It’s block-time in Belgium! Exams are coming up soon, many of us are starting next week with their first exam(s). The lock-down and pandemic don’t stop us from getting a degree – but they make it so much more difficult … Now with the lock-down going on, you’d think technically we’d be at an advantageContinue reading “To ‘block’ or not to ‘block’ – There is no question here”

On the Silent Disaster in Higher Education

Maybe this article hasn’t been accessible to most of you who come to read the Pangaea blog entries, but last week, a Biologist and Statistician of the UGent published an article on about the responses he read on a student-survey regarding their lives during the lock-down, and his realisations are heartbreaking, confronting and infuriating.Continue reading “On the Silent Disaster in Higher Education”

If You Walk For Long Enough, You Will Find Answers

On Monday, after posting the previous blog post, I went for a very long walk on the outskirts of Heverlee, I saw a surprising few amount of people, and discovered new, grass-covered and bush-surrounded roads. I was gone for two hours, and the only thing I used my phone for was Spotify-ing my new favouriteContinue reading “If You Walk For Long Enough, You Will Find Answers”

The Sun Is Our Friend. And Right Now, We Need Her Desperately.

I might be the whitest person around here (Scottish roots show through the almost translucently fair skin, face full of freckles from 10 minutes out in the sunlight, and ginger-red hair), but I can’t be the only one celebrating the arrival of late spring and warm weather. Now of course I don’t know just howContinue reading “The Sun Is Our Friend. And Right Now, We Need Her Desperately.”

So This is Easter. And What Have I Done.

If you’re anything like me, which again, do your now-self and future-self a favour and try to run away from that possibility as hard as you can, you probably forgot both that Easter was coming, and what Easter was actually all about. For years and years, it meant a family-get-together, lots of food that wasContinue reading “So This is Easter. And What Have I Done.”

On the Idea(l) of Self-Improvement during a World-Wide Lock-Down

In case you had forgotten, today is Monday. Monday the 6th of April. Is it someone’s birthday today? Remember, you can’t use the excuse of “Oh sorry, I was so busy on the day I didn’t have time to congratulate you!” when you are reminded by a mutual friend three days late, this year. IContinue reading “On the Idea(l) of Self-Improvement during a World-Wide Lock-Down”

On the Importance of Self-Care

Okay so it’s been… a while. Counting down what day we are on right now really doesn’t work for me, does it work for you? If you’re feeling very bothered by this whole lock-down, going around and around inside your own room, not feeling well, finally understanding how animals at the zoo must feel –Continue reading “On the Importance of Self-Care”

Keeping Mentally (In)Sane Right Now

Let’s get right down to business and talk about some things that will help keep your head in the right place and stop spiralling into the questions, the oh so many questions… Alright! So we’re still not feeling this whole lock-down situation all that well, are we? It’s still kind of boring, lonely, annoying, andContinue reading “Keeping Mentally (In)Sane Right Now”

In Times Like These…

In times like these, it’s easy to feel … well, nothing to be honest. Or everything, everything at once. Let’s be honest, this is all pretty overwhelming come to think of it. And frustrating and enraging at the same time. What is still allowed, what can I still do without endangering myself or others, howContinue reading “In Times Like These…”