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Pangaea is not the only KUL association that’s been working hard to provide you guys with information, (social) contact, and keeping you entertained and busy online. On this page we’ve accumulated a bunch of activities from other faculties and organisations, including links to their info pages!
So don’t get stuck with us – branch out and see what the KUL has to offer you!

Arts and Culture

Creativity takes courage. And right now, even though we’re all feeling a lot more creative, we also need a lot more courage to send our creativity out into the world. Grab your Pangaea mug, sit back, relax and enjoy.

KUL’s Culture in Quarantine
Find an overview of KUL contributors’ various art, film, music, and dance offered online right now

Afrika Film Festival
With no possibility to actually go to STUK and watch them in the cinema right now, the African films have been uploaded online for you to enjoy. Which ones would you rank highest?

What have we missed?
Are we missing something artistic and cultural that you KNOW is blooming and booming right now, or could use a little shout-out? Let us know via this link!


Pangaea actively supports all acts of kindness and solidarity. Taking care of each other, helping others out and showing solidarity is what makes the world go round.

Making face masks
Make face masks for our health professionals to help them stay safe!

Contribute and help out in and around Leuven
Citizens of the Leuven area can check Leuven Helps to see how they can contribute, for example by doing groceries for immobile people or walking dogs!

Contribute as a researcher
Help to fight against COVID-19 by joining the research groups. Find out more here!

Sports and
Physical Activity

A healthy mind works best in a healthy body. And a healthy body helps contribute to a healthy mind.

UnivFit and KUL Sportcentrum
KUL’s UnivFit and Sportcentrum have put together a weekly schedule of online classes you can follow! Follow the link to their Facebook page and see not only the schedule, but also the videos to their Yoga, boxing and Zumba classes! Or follow the link to their website for extra training groups, sessions and more links to other activities!

Check out the Pangaea Padlet
Pangaea-staff, -volunteers, and -members have come together to contribute videos, ideas, and YouTube channels to follow on the Pangaea Padlet for Physical Activity. Check it out!

Have you got another go-to for PhysAc right now?
Let us know what other possibilities we all have at this point – we’re definitely not tired of getting to know more options! Let us know in the contact form

Religion and Lifestance

Keeping your faith, ideals, and path in the light and positive ways is difficult in times like these. Not being able to go outside of your house to help you renew your habits can be troublesome. Find help in the links below!

The University Parish
The parish is offering online worshipping options, a friendly ear, and a warm, welcoming place for everyone in this chaotic and troublesome time. All religions and lifestances are welcome! Don’t despair, let this strengthen you and your faith and ideals.

The KU Leuven Lifestance Network
The KUL Lifestance Network gathers more than 20 religious and lifestance communities. They also offer online lunchtime meditations and mindfulness exercises and practices to help you find and keep your light in these darker times

Mindmates and Mental Health

Mental Health is a tricky subject during “normal” times, but during a crisis like this, it can be even tougher to take care of yourself, your mental health, and your body. We’re here to provide you with links to help you with that!

Mind Mates
Our friends of MindMates want to help take care of your mental health in this period. If you are struggling, do not hesitate to reach out!

KUL Health Desk
The KUL Health Desk provides you with necessary information to check yourself against the coronavirus symptoms, make appointments, and provide mental support. Follow the link to check out what the KUL offers you!

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