Happy Summer Holidays!

The day before the national Belgian Holiday (hopefully) marks the day you’ve digested your exam results (and eventual hangovers), re-registered for the retakes or next year, and have finally been able to take a week off and just enjoy! We at Pangaea have also finally made it to the point that we can throw inContinue reading “Happy Summer Holidays!”

CUF in Times of Pandemic

This week’s blogpost is a guest-post by the CUF (Cameroon Union Flanders in Leuven) about how they feel regarding the world-wide pandemic. This post was written by one of their members. Who are we? CUF is a community of Cameroonians, mostly students, who live in the diaspora specifically in the Flanders region of Belgium. TheyContinue reading “CUF in Times of Pandemic”

The First Half of 2020 For A Hong Konger – Part 3

This week’s blogpost is a guest-post by the HKSA (Hong Kong Student Association in Leuven) about how they feel regarding the world-wide pandemic. It’s the third of 4 posts, written by one of their members. Lockdown Life during lockdown can be frustrating and desperate. No party, no group sport…As a graduate student who is supposedContinue reading “The First Half of 2020 For A Hong Konger – Part 3”

Staying Silent, So You Can Be Heard

It’s been 10 days since the Black Lives Matter movements have picked up full steam ahead, and more awareness has been raised by protests all over the world, trending Hashtags, and companies and famous influencers putting their money where their mouths are (literally and figuratively). We at Pangaea pride ourselves on advocating the intercultural natureContinue reading “Staying Silent, So You Can Be Heard”

Ramadan during Quarantine

Today’s post is a guestpost by Steve d.P. about how he experienced the month of Ramadan during the lockdown. As a converted Muslim, I will never forget my first Ramadan. It was in the middle of the summer, the days were super long and temperatures were consistently in the 30°C. The fasting could get veryContinue reading “Ramadan during Quarantine”

To ‘block’ or not to ‘block’ – There is no question here

It’s block-time in Belgium! Exams are coming up soon, many of us are starting next week with their first exam(s). The lock-down and pandemic don’t stop us from getting a degree – but they make it so much more difficult … Now with the lock-down going on, you’d think technically we’d be at an advantageContinue reading “To ‘block’ or not to ‘block’ – There is no question here”

On the Silent Disaster in Higher Education

Maybe this article hasn’t been accessible to most of you who come to read the Pangaea blog entries, but last week, a Biologist and Statistician of the UGent published an article on Knack.be about the responses he read on a student-survey regarding their lives during the lock-down, and his realisations are heartbreaking, confronting and infuriating.Continue reading “On the Silent Disaster in Higher Education”

Fantastic Masks and Where to Find them

Hint: Not on most people out in the streets (yet)… I have seen the “wear a mask!”-trend at its infancy (the beginning of the spread of covid-19 beyond China), and I see it now. For the most part, I don’t think much has changed yet. People still look oddly towards any mouth-and-nose-cover that isn’t aContinue reading “Fantastic Masks and Where to Find them”

After the Great Realisation

A few days ago I wrote a post on the poem by Probably Tomfoolery, and if you guys thought I was able to get it out of my head since then, I can assure you you have thought wrong… The poem is incredibly well-written. It takes you, of course aided by visual representation of realContinue reading “After the Great Realisation”

Must-See Shows/Movies for Self-Growth

I know, I know, this is the most stereotypical blog-post you can think of, besides (baking) recipes. And we’ve already done the mandatory post about baking-related things. But this one is really more self-development and -realisation inclined than your standard “yo watch this Netflix show, it’s DOPE”-post There’s a lot of ideas regarding how moviesContinue reading “Must-See Shows/Movies for Self-Growth”